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Military & Weapons

Quicken Logistics is a large Solutions Provider for
Military and Weapons Transportations and Logistics 

Military and Weapons

Quicken Logistics Transport Military Equipment using Best Practices for Safe and Efficient Delivery, all over the world.

Transporting military equipment requires specialized expertise and equipment to ensure safe and efficient delivery. Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Choose the right equipment: The type, size, and weight of the equipment being transported will dictate the type of equipment needed for transport. Flatbed trucks, trailers, and military transport planes are commonly used to move heavy gear.

Plan the route: Routes need to be planned with consideration for factors such as traffic, road conditions, weather, and terrain. Military equipment is often oversized, which can require special permits and escorts for transport.

Secure the equipment: Military equipment is heavy and cumbersome, which requires specialized equipment and techniques to secure it for transport. Tie-down straps, chains, and custom cradles may be used to secure the equipment.

Hire experienced professionals: Transporting military equipment is a highly specialized task that requires experienced professionals who have the expertise to handle the unique challenges involved in moving heavy gear. Working with a reputable transportation company that has a track record of successfully transporting military equipment is essential.

By following these best practices and working with experienced professionals, Quicken Logistics can ensure the safe and efficient delivery of any military equipment.

Quicken Logistics Military and Weapons Shipment success rates.

We use PAX and CAO airplanes.

  • Deliveries in Brazilian territory 99.98% 99.98%
  • Deliveries in up to 7 days 99.78% 99.78%
  • Deliveries in up to 4 days in the major capitals 99.93% 99.93%
  • Customs Clearance Support 100% 100%

Quicken Logistics transit time refers to the duration it takes for goods or products to be transported from one location to another. It includes the time spent in transit, as well as any delays that may occur during transport, such as customs clearance or unexpected issues with the transport vehicle. Logistic transit time is a critical factor in supply chain management, as it can impact inventory levels, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance. Quicken Logistics has an efficient management of logistic transit time that is essential for businesses to maintain competitiveness in today’s global marketplace.

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